Papa Bags is the best accessory I’ve ever put in my bike. At the time it was a necessity because my bags were literally falling off my bike. Upon installing your product, my bags look like new, my lids are straight and access is not restricted in any way. The fact that I can buy an American made product built by an American Vietnam veteran is the icing on the cake!! Thank You and God Bless.

-Chuck Anderson

When I purchased my ‘03 Heritage I installed the original Papa Bags support system. To date my bags have retained their original shape.


Shortly after I purchased my 05 Heritage I had your brackets installed in my bags. That was, by far, the best accessory I invested in. I’ve seen many newer bikes then mine, and their bags look terrible, all caved in, collapsed and sagging. Thanks for a wonderful product…the bags on my bike still look brand new.

-T. Schulz

It took longer to read the instructions than do the installation. I highly recommend Papa Bags to any Heritage owner.

-Happy Jack

I wanted you to know that I think your “Papa Bags” are a great addition to my ’06 Harley soft tail. I installed them on my bike in the summer of ’06 and my saddle bags look as good as new still after 5 years of rain, sun and hail on many rides. Thanks for a great product.

-Ernie Hume

I received my Papa Bags supports this past Friday in the mail, and installed them. Assembly of the brackets was a breeze, and so was the installation.

The bags now look as they did when new, no sagging and they hang naturally without looking rigid or fake. The biggest difference I noticed right away is that in the past, my saddlebag straps would pull out of the retaining loops and flop in the breeze while riding. No more; with the bags hanging without any sagging, the straps hand straight down and stay in place.

I’ve included some pictures, the first two were before installation where you can see how the outside corners sagged. The remaining pictures are after installation.

Love them, great product!

-Mac Owner

I bought your PapaBags supports last year for my 1996 Heritage and they work well. Saddlebag supports work great! Thanks!

-Greg Starks
California, Kentucky

My 2003 Heritage Softail Classic was now a seven years old and not the picture of beauty she once was. In the summer of 2010, I met Rick Long….Papa Bags himself. At first I giggled at the two different saddle bags on his Heritage. One was saggy, just like mine, and one looked brand new. I did not question this odd site at first. After getting to know Rick, and chatting about our bikes, the subject came up…..not sure how, but you know how bike talk goes. I commented on my bags and he readily offered the explanation of why his bags were so different. This piqued my interest and I inquired more about the product.

Shortly thereafter, I purchased the Papa Bags product and had it installed….in both saddlebags! My baby now has that pristine look of new. I am quite pleased with the product….wish I would have found it sooner!

-Bobbi Havrilla