Frequently Asked Questions

What is Papa Bags?

Papa Bags Saddlebag Support System is a solution to keep the Heritage Softail Saddlebags in the original “showroom shape” as much as possible, while maintaining the soft, natural feel that Harley Davidson intended in keeping a classic a classic, not a “hard bag” or having a plastic feel and appearance!

Is Papa Bags right for me?

If you desire a system that has a flexible back for structure and enables you to keep that soft and versatile look, Papa Bags is for you. The best scenario for riders who wish to maintain the new look is to install the system immediately upon purchase. However, it doesn’t mean that Papa Bags can’t be utilized well after that point. If your current bags are now hard leather and no longer display that original shape, Papa Bags can still help bring the bags as close to original shape as possible and maintain that look for the life of your bike.

Why Papa Bags versus the Competition?

Papa Bags installation is easy, fast and safe while our competitors installation is time consuming and involved.

The results? With the Papa Bags System you still maintain a soft, leather look and feel to your saddlebags that has its original shape and useful versatility. The competition? Your saddlebags have a hard, plastic feel. Liners or inserts hinder versatility and the ability to handle oddball shapes.

Is the Papa Bags Saddlebag System good for new bikes too?

Yes, yes and yes. If you love the look of your new bike take the preventative steps and install Papa Bags immediately! That way the future is worry free (and your bags might just be the envy of your riding group).

Why do the saddlebags collapse?

It’s natural for the leather to droop or sink. Some riders prefer that look as truly classic. Others don’t- which means Papa Bags is for you.

Is installation difficult?

No. It’s the easiest, fastest and safest product in the market.

Can I do the installation myself?

Yes. Complete installation for new bags is usually complete in 30 minutes and may take a bit longer for bags on well traveled bikes. Complete installation instructions can be found in your package upon product arrival to your door.

Does Papa Bags solve all of the saddlebags problem areas?

Yes. Our solution pulls the sides, bottom and front back out. Now the lid or top has a flat surface to sit on.

Do I need anything in the top or lid?

No. Papa Bags has solved the problem of the bag…the lid will follow suit.

What is the biggest advantage to the Papa Bags products versus others in the market?

Papa Bags vs. Competition Installation is easy, fast and safe Installation is time consuming and involved.

I have old, dried out, crusty and collapsed bags that have lost their shape and color. Can Papa Bags help me?

Yes. Well traveled bags require similar installation plus additional preparation that can be found in your package upon product arrival to your door.

What Papa Bag Saddlebag System is right for me?

The right system depends on the age of your bike. There are currently three variations:
FLSTC 1990-1999
FLSTC 2000-2006
FLSTC 2007-Present

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Are there other products offered by Papa Bags?

Yes. In addition to being an authorized reseller of Doc Baileys products, a saddlebag system for a HD Springer models and bag locks are imminent

What about a warranty?

Yes. If you’re not satisfied, you can expect a hassle-free return

Can I be a reseller?

Yes, although Papa Bags is available in Harley Davidson stores and worldwide on the internet, a reseller opportunity is available for qualified situations. For more information, please contact Papa Bags at
330 242-1588